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Coming soon, the GEAB 135 ! Synopsis

We live in an exciting time when elation over long-awaited change is mixed with fear of the risks involved. Our anticipation concerning the reorganisation of the Middle East through the annexation by Israel of at least part of the occupied territories is in the process of validation: Netanyahu has now clearly announced it and everything is gradually being put in place (dramatisation over Iran justifying diplomatic visits to Iraq and the sending of US bombers to secure the region, the first organised leaks of the mysterious and miraculous peace plan and the UN signalling the end of the game for Hezbollah). All that remains is to hold one’s breath and hope that no detail has been omitted from the grand plan… The actual kick-off will come in the next few days or weeks… We tend to think that the intent is for the plan to be deployed when Europe is busy elsewhere (i.e. during the elections), knowing that the EU that will emerge from these elections will probably be an asset when it comes to the endorsement phase of the recognition of the new State of Israel – and/or perhaps a new Palestine.

More generally in this issue, we will examine the main features of the future face of post-election Europe, with an article dedicated to the prospects that this new Europe offers in terms of New Tech. This is an area in which Europe has fallen considerably behind – something which we anticipate could become an asset from 2021-22 onwards.

With regard to the decline of the dollar, we focus our attention on the likely decoupling of the yuan-dollar in the coming months, signifying an important moment in the ongoing reinvention of the international monetary system – a moment that we still think is involving much more cooperation between Trump and Xi than appears.

The May issue is also one of the 3 issues of the year dedicated to your navigation systems for the next 4 months, something we call a ‘Calendar of future events’.

We will also introduce you to two people we think it is important for you to get to know better, given the role they are likely to play in the near future.

Finally, we present our usual recommendations with a ‘Spotlight on silver’ this time.

Contents of the GEAB 135:

– June 2019: The end of the Yuan-Dollar peg
– Middle East 2019: Summer will be hot
– European elections: the new face of post-election Europe
– Geopolitics of new technologies: 2021 – when Europe’s underdevelopment turns to its advantage
– Calendar of future events (May-September 2019): Dates that will change the world… or not
– Faces of the Future
– Investment: Spotlight on silver

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