Home Insights Coming soon, the GEAB 138 (October). Synopsis

Coming soon, the GEAB 138 (October). Synopsis

Last month, we forecast a “change of direction” in US foreign policy. With the Trump-Erdogan agreement allowing Turkey to launch a military offensive in northern Syria at the same time as a partial withdrawal of US troops from the region, we did not have long to wait. But there is no room for complacency. The money that the United States saves in Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea, etc…. will be put into Europe.

Greece is currently leading the way in this, “thanks” to the very Atlanticist new Prime Minister Mitsotakis, whom the EU has inherited as the inevitable result of its catastrophic political management of the Greek crisis – including treating Tsipras as an enemy to be defeated instead of the natural ally that he was in a project of real reform for the country (read all our anticipations on this subject).

But the October issue will be mainly devoted to our triannual “Calendar of future events” exercise, where we will review, as usual, the most significant dates in the next four months, matched with anticipations, hence providing a map of the future through which we are about to travel.

We have also prepared a very comprehensive article describing the major challenges facing the European chemical sector, from which you can get ideas for your investment strategies – in addition to our usual recommendations.

Summary of the GEAB 138 bulletin:

  • 2020: The new Greek trap
  • Calendar of future events: 15 October 2019 – February 2020
  • Focus on: Challenges for the chemicals industry in Europe
  • Investments, trends and recommendations


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