Home Insights Coming up, the GEAB of February – Global systemic crisis warning: Restart or reset

Coming up, the GEAB of February – Global systemic crisis warning: Restart or reset

(Summary of the GEAB No 152 / February 2021)
The coronavirus pandemic has just started to step back and the economy is pretending to show improvements but already, oil is soaring (threatening with a recovery); the dollar is going up in value (endangering the most fragile economies) and inflation is on the rise (looming the risk of a collapse in purchasing power and currencies credibility). There is a never ending list of huge dangers that the slightest relighting poses to Western society and to the world all the same. In order to limit these risks, common visions and coordination are required… but some actors, particularly desperate ones, have preferred a solo performance, for example by starting their vaccination campaigns first, therefore clearly pointing out the lack of solidarity (and collective intelligence) of the so-called “Western camp”.

Within this context, powerful shocks threaten humanity in 2021. We’ll speak particularly of the geopolitical and economic-financial risks linked to the surprises the American uncertainty holds in store for us while part of the world, notably Europe, has lowered its level of caution.

We will also take you on a trip into the future of European space and the major challenges of WaterTech in the 21st century. Also, our annual review of web anticipations and our usual investment recommendations will wrap up this issue.

Don’t miss this upcoming exploration into the mysteries of the future of the global systemic crisis!



The headlines of the upcoming GEAB No 152:

– Global systemic crisis: In the eye of the storm and its illusions

– USA – Defence, recovery plan, inflation: Limits and dangers of the American power

– EU – Market, defence, democracy: A world power without a global vision

– 2021, the European Aerospace and the awakening of strength

– WaterTech 2040 – The challenge (and risks) of bringing water to all

– Reader’s Digest: Web Anticipations in 2021

– Investments, trends and recommendations



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