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Soon the GEAB issue of March: Covid-19 and NewParadigm-20

It would be hard not to mention Covid-19 in this coming bulletin. But it’s also hard to think straight and bring the characteristic GEAB perspective into the current media hysteria. We will nevertheless lend ourselves to this challenge, conscious that the GEAB perspective can still offer some pertinent insights into the understanding of this crisis, whose most notable characteristic is that it is the catalyst for one of the last phases of the transition process towards a new global paradigm. Therefore, it is by this yardstick, with a particular focus on Europe, that we will measure the situation – bearing in mind the limitations inherent in such an exercise, when it is conducted in the midst of a crisis and one is blinded by the dust of combat.

In addition to the systemic dimension of the current health crisis, certain aspects of its impact on the financial system will be discussed in detail: risks for the bond market, but also the opportunity for transition to the new monetary and financial system, the advent of which we have been anticipating for 2020 ever since 2018.

Having said that, this crisis may be concealing another. The Middle East is on the verge of exploding and the question is whether the prospect of increased risk is precipitating a dynamic of peace or war and what role the coronavirus will play in all this. One thing is certain: the different players in the region are taking advantage of the diversion of international attention to move their pawns.

Coronavirus, Europe, Finance and the Middle East will therefore be discussed in this next issue, along with our usual recommendations, of course.

We’ll be back with all this in two days! 
Detailed Summary :

– Covid-19: And the world shifts towards something new…
– Finance 2020: Coronavirus and the settling of the bond crisis
– Middle East: Will there be an Israeli-Iranian war?
– Investments, trends and recommendations

Be ready for our edition of March !
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