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Soon the GEAB No 148 (October issue). Back to Reality

Hysteria gripped the West in 2008 when the subprime crisis sent the first clear signal of the end of its world supremacy and the absolute necessity to begin a process whereby the world is shared between different key players: China, Africa, Europe, etc. The uber-aggressive rhetoric of the West – spending its time wagging a knowing finger in the face of the new powers it systematically accuses of expansionism and neo-colonialism (bold words indeed!) while continuing to pillage all the available cash to help a handful of Tech Giants via its financial markets – has kept the world on a precipice for the last 12 years. However, and for the reasons that we are going to give in this edition, the GEAB team think this madness is on the way out and that the hard thump of reality will land to the surprise of many in the coming months.

The most surprising about-face that we foresee is on the technological front. But we are also tempted to predict strange reversals of fortune on the financial and raw materials markets.

Besides U-turns, the new edition of the GEAB will examine the future of the automotive industry, question the reality behind Britain’s departure from the European satellite navigation project, Galileo and give its usual recommendations on investments in this chaotic world.

Detailed summary:

. US Oil: The “Saudification” of America
. New tech 21: U-turn in sight
. Galileo: How Long Before the British are Back?
. South Korea: A Difficult End to the Year
. Car Industry in 2035: Individual Vehicles and Shared Mobility
. Raw Materials: Why Volatility is Unsustainable
. Investments, Trends and Recommendations



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