Home Insights The centre of gravity of the Transatlantic relationship is shifting towards Europe (GEAB 146 – Synopsis)

The centre of gravity of the Transatlantic relationship is shifting towards Europe (GEAB 146 – Synopsis)

The manufacture of the future is running at full speed and everyone (individuals, companies, associations, countries, continents) is working on their own (greater or lesser) projects. It is not easy to see clearly what tomorrow will look like in the end. Luckily, the GEAB is here to help you rise above all the hype and look as rationally as possible at what is really happening.

To help us rise above the chaos of ideas and current projects, our team is looking forward to 2021. The ‘US Elections’ film will be behind us, as will the next instalment of the ‘Brexit’ suspense series; the first central bank digital currencies will have made their appearance, probably including the digital euro; all the crises resulting from the huge COVID-19 shock will have inaugurated the future of key energy, communication and geopolitical issues; the reactions of the people to this great upheaval will have been recorded … Of course, there are many question marks over how things will look in 2021, but there are also certainties that enable us to raise our heads and move forward with a more assured step towards the future.

This forward-looking exercise will give us the chance to review various themes, like the future of energy, China, the EU, the US election, the transatlantic relationship, ‘black lives matter’, innovative approaches to individual digital sovereignty, and so on.

As summer approaches, the GEAB of June 2020 is not to be missed!

Provisional Summary of the GEAB 146:

  • The centre of gravity of the Transatlantic relationship is shifting towards Europe
  • Black lives matter 2020: America is ready to move from ‘racism’ to ‘socialism’…
  • Digital society: The emergence of a new level of sovereignty – individual sovereignty
  • Energy 2020-2050: Cop26 must map out a path towards an Intelligent Energy Future
  • Investments, trends and recommendations

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