Home Aperçus The website geab.eu has just changed!

The website geab.eu has just changed!

Our website has been upgraded. New subscription packages, new features, new analyses…
Check the brand new GEAB.EU website now!

. Annual GEAB subscriptions available for only 160 euro/year;
. Monthly GEAB subscriptions now available for only 19 euro/month;
. A more modern presentation;
. Articles and reports from the GEAB bulletins now available online;
. An exclusive “Insights” section, containing older articles from archived GEAB bulletins;
. A modern press review entitled WWNews … and many more new stuff, ready to be discovered.

To access our site in live mode, go to Your Account page, insert your email address connected to your geab account, reinitialise your password and enjoy the reading!

Your questions, comments, suggestions are welcome at  geab@leap2020.net


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