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GEAB 145 Synopsis – What New World Order?

The pandemic curves are flattening, European countries are slowly emerging from the containment phase and a new landscape is about to be revealed, whose main features we will try to glimpse to help you find your way more quickly and effectively in this “world after”.

The task is threefold: to identify the major societal trends (digitalisation, standardisation and the reform of the healthcare system…), to anticipate the secondary effects of the crisis on the economy and the financial system (inflation, the paper gold crisis and the transformation of the aviation sector), but also to get back on track with the calendar of future events and integrate another 2020 game-changer into the landscape – that of the American election.

The strategies of the major players in the invention of the new world order, and their chances of success or failure, provide the main points of uncertainty on our map of the future, which is suddenly becoming clearer after four months of an unprecedented historical event.

Leadership is about looking ahead. More than ever, the GEAB is an important part of your toolkit for understanding the future.

Main topics of the GEAB bulletin 145:

– Election US 2020 – The New America we should anticipate
– End of 2020: Towards a paper gold crisis
– 2021: Will hyperinflation be the order of the day?
– Air transport: The COVID-19 revolution
– Euroland: Change or collapse
– Health systems: From the 19th to the 21st century without transition
– Investments, trends and recommendations (Bitcoin, property, retail…)

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