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Demography: a shift in the dominant discourse

The world population will not grow indefinitely. A recent and careful reading of the international press leads us to believe that this statement is increasingly widely accepted. This is an opportunity for us to revisit previous anticipations, to share them with you, and update them.

In September 2019 we published an article entitled Future demographics: questioning certainties, in which we wrote:

“New research questions the value of long-term demographic forecasts. For example, in recent years the UN has revised upwards its population projections for many African countries […]. However, the validity of these models is now being questioned by some experts – including the GEAB team – who argue that these projections are far from reality and that we should instead prepare for a rapid slowdown in population – a contraction, not just a decline in the rate of growth – because the assumptions underlying the UN (and other) models are flawed […]. 


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