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Global Britain, the game changer (coming soon, the GEAB 156)

The systemic rupture embodied by the Covid crisis represents a major turning point in our anticipation work. Before, a simple ordinary world was disintegrating in a logical and coherent process. Now, various fragments are trying to recompose a functional global model: GlobalEurope, GlobalBritain, GlobalAmerica, GlobalChina, GlobalSpain… each one projecting its vision of the future. But are these different futures compatible with each other? How will they combine? What is the umpteenth reality their interactions will produce?

In this issue, we take a look at the British speedboat reinventing its Commonwealth, which we are beginning to wonder if it is not, much more than GlobalAmerica, the real systemic rival of GlobalChina. But we have also dived into the recently published strategic document “Spain 2050” to assess the compatibility of its global vision with that of the bodies the country is in (EU, OECD, Transatlantic Union, Spanish-speaking world, etc.). We will also look at the likely lasting damage of GlobalAmerica’s huge stimulus plans on emerging countries. As a prelude to a forthcoming article on the actors of the emerging global health system, a short tour of the IHME is planned as well. Finally, demographics will be put once and for all at the basis of the systemic analysis of the future. Our usual series of recommendations concludes this last issue before the summer break. Be ready for the 15th of June!

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Detailed summary of the GEAB 156:

  • One train can hide another: After the US-China trade war, here comes the UK-China systemic rivalry
  • 2020-2023: A Timeline for UK trade negotiations
  • Global demographics: Challenges and solutions for adaptation
  • “Spain 2050″ strategy paper: The future is in Russian dolls
  • US stimulus packages: A threat to emerging economies
  • Investments, trends and recommendations




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