Home Blog Coming up, the GEAB of March, No 153 – The disillusions of reality

Coming up, the GEAB of March, No 153 – The disillusions of reality

(summary of the GEAB 153, coming up March 15-17)

2020 accelerated all the systemic transformation trends. Nevertheless, our team believes that 2021 will be dominated by harsh realities resulting in setbacks and disillusions. Fantasies of a virtualised, decentralised, depolluted society, in which we would be able to live with only love and fresh water… are about to be showered away. Of course, digitalisation and green economy will continue to progress. However, strong counter-cyclical currents will bring the cursor back to the middle, and will give ultra-progressive people the feeling of a step backwards without reassuring ultra-conservative ones either. Some people dream of a world that will never exist while others fantasize about a world that never existed… Everyone will be disappointed and very angry.

Focusing on Europe, this issue examines some of these counter-cyclical actors (France, populations, banks, …) in order to demonstrate that transitions are likely to suffer major bumps in the short and medium terms. That is despite (or even ‘because of’) the acute awareness of the most monolithic actors in the system (European institutions, states, finance, Vatican…) regarding the urgent need for change.

An issue designed to avoid getting carried away at the dawn of this new world…



The headlines of the GEAB 153 :

– Editorial: The disillusions of reality

– Questioning the European Commission’s visions of the future

– Vatican 2023: Transcending the Apocalypse

– Silver / Second half of 2021: Crucial battle for price definitions

– Recommendations (dollar, bitcoin, gold, oil, bonds)



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