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Summary GEAB 154: Horizon 2025 – The Future is invented in the East

Horizon 2025: China is one of the main builders of the world’s future. It is impossible to anticipate without looking at what is happening on the other side of the informational smokescreen that is being built between West and East, a new form of the old Iron Curtain.

After a visit to the United States in February, and a focus on Europe in March, the upcoming issue takes a turn to China and naturally looks further ahead than usual, to 2025.

A panoramic view of Chinese socio-economic projects, space policy, and the global impact of feeding 1.5 billion people gradually gaining access to modern living comforts are described in this issue, which also briefly looks at the possible consequences of the forthcoming German election.

A short guide to the future of the business world in the service of student training strategies will complete this look ahead to 2025.

Detailed summary of the GEAB 154:

-China 2025: A tour behind the media smokescreen of the new “cold” war

-Chinese and European food security: complementarities and overlaps

-Space 2025: China’s new deal

-Doing business in 2025: A handbook for students and schools to make the most of the billions of jobs in sight

-Investments, trends and recommendations


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