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Summary GEAB 150 – Will the Underworld Rise Up and Swallow Us?

2020 has literally given rise to “the brave new world”, the key features and emergence stages of which the GEAB has spent 15 years anticipating. And the end of this year, and our 150th edition, is a very important stage.

We’ll be discussing the underworld and the way the working world has been plunged into the depths of the web to seek out signs of an afterlife, and specifically the new shoots of a post-pandemic world. These shoots are actually the “underworld” striving to rear its head without getting itself too entangled in the “known world” crashing to the ground around it.

We will also need to remember that a newborn is far from the finished article and that anticipation theory still has many long years ahead of it to try and spot any and all risks of a fall or relapse. The empirical need for France to reposition itself within Europe could give rise to shockwaves as powerful as those triggered by the United Kingdom in 2016, as could the empirical need to rethink the relationship between the EU and NATO as signalled by the tensions in Turkey. Globally, there have been huge movements this year while the world was looking elsewhere, which means we need to take stock if we want to avoid surprises.

Of course, this edition will also have a retrospective, with our Junior Team looking back on the key trends we listed in January and for which the final score is surprising in a good way, despite a truly exceptional year.

And….. This anniversary edition has a few presents in store for you!

See you very soon!


Detailed summary:

. Editorial: 150° Dive into the Deep Waters of the Future

. Trends: The armies of the shadows break cover

. Anticipation: France 2022: The Worrying Increase in Support for Frexit

. Strategy: EASTMED 2020-2023: Towards an Eastern Mediterranean Community

. Evaluation: Key Trends from January 2020, as Noted by our Junior Team

. Business/investment Opportunities: Agriculture 3.0

. Recommendations


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