Microsoft buys a classroom video startup with 20 million users as it pushes against Google


Microsoft has announced the acquisition of Flipgrid, a Minneapolis-based educational software startup, as it pushes against Google and Apple in the classroom.

If you’ve never heard of Flipgrid, there’s a pretty healthy chance that the kids in your life have: It has 20 million users all over the world, including teachers, students, and parents, from Pre-K all the way up to PhD candidates. In its three-year lifespan, Flipgrid had raised a modest $17 million in venture funding.

For Flipgrid customers, the biggest change is that the service will now be completely free for schools, just like Microsoft’s own Office 365 for Education productivity suite. That’s down from its current price of $1,000 a year per school…

REad more : Business Insider, 18.06.2018