This driverless tech start-up aims to replace 15 million truckers in the US and China


Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) start-up TuSimple has deployed autonomous trucks on commercial runs between Tucson and Phoenix in Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada, as the company prepares to expand its operations in the world’s two largest economies by next year.

That trial programme in the US, where its two trucks transport consumer goods at speeds of up to 104.6 kilometres per hour (65mph) on their routes, is generating about US$6,600 a week in revenue and given TuSimple a toehold in the vast US freight market, said Chen Mo, the company’s co-founder and chief executive.

“Scaling up our operations boils down to two factors – capital and talent,” Chen said in an interview at TuSimple’s headquarters in Beijing. The company has its US headquarters in San Diego, California…

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