Entire police force arrested in Mexican town after mayoral candidate murdered


The entire police force in the Mexican town of Ocampo were disarmed and arrested for allegedly obstructing an investigation into the murder of the mayor ahead of country-wide elections on Sunday. Fernando Angeles Juárez was killed on Thursday morning after three gunmen broke into the ranch where he lives just as he was preparing to start a day’s campaigning, local media reported.

Over 120 politicians have been killed across Mexico since September, when campaigning began ahead of the country’s July 1 general elections. Voters are being ask to elect over 3,000 local officials, as well as a new president and a new legislature. Mr Angeles Juárez was the third politician killed in the state of Michoacán in a week.

After his murder, Michoacán state forces went to Ocampo on Saturday with a warrant to arrest the town’s public security secretary Oscar González for questioning, but were forced to retreat when local police officers under his control fired shots into the air…

Read more : The Telegraph, 25.06.2018