Opinion: A NATO summit in Donald Trump’s parallel universe


The United States did not break from NATO, but President Donald Trump sent wildly conflicting messages at the Brussels summit. The uncertainty over the future of the alliance still remains, says DW’s Barbara Wesel.

It’s worth taking a close look at US President Donald Trump’s behavior at the NATO summit.

Over breakfast, the US president was unrestrained in his criticism of Germany, saying the country was reliant on Russian gas imports and citing some false figures along the way. During the plenary session, he suddenly called on fellow alliance members to spend 4 percent of GDP on defense, rather than the agreed-upon 2 percent. Shortly thereafter, he raised the prospect of a bilateral meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel over German cars, migration and Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying the two had a “good relationship.” One hour later, on the way to dinner, he took the gloves off once more and fired off another tweet critical of Germany and NATO…

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