Game Changers in a Digital Future


Martin Shanahan, CEO of IDA Ireland and sponsor of the event, had a clear message for business leaders in the room: “These technologies hold the potential to utterly transform sectors, and in our engagement with clients we’re trying to understand what those changes might be, how they can apply these technologies and how Ireland can be at the forefront of these technologies.”

Cybersecurity: A Rising Global Risk

The business world is waking-up to the fact that maintaining cybersecurity is now the biggest, ongoing challenge today. Criminal gangs and nation-states have been known to mount sophisticated attacks, and increasingly bad actors can be found working in tandem.

Gartner estimates that spending on information technology security hit $86.4 billion in 2017—but the economic damage of cyberattacks is still expected to run into trillions of dollars over the next decade…

Read more : Bloomberg, 15.10.2018