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Video Podcast DITF 2 (trends 2021)

The new episode of Digging Into The Future is now online!
In January, as always, we publish our traditional trends for the coming year, presented in this video by Marie-Hélène Caillol (GEAB publishing manager) and Véronique Swinkels (strategy & development manager).

It is now clear that 2020 was the tipping point towards a new world, which we represent in this issue by seeing “through the looking glass”, where an upside down world is actually waiing for all of us. In this next world, our research leads us to hope for the emergence of a new form of humanism, capable of bringing together citizens, currently trapped within bubbles of opinions and certainties. Another reconnection appears necessary, between leaders and citizens, once again. And in this process it is the media that bears a great responsibility.

The trends for 2021 point to some risks, including the consolidation of an extreme right-wing movement coordinated at European level which could capture the anger and frustrations of the continent’s populations. The United States is the most uncertain point on the globe. The other geographical area to watch geopolitically speaking is the eastern Mediterranean, where unresolved conflicts will not degenerate but from which, on the contrary, very interesting solutions may emerge.


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