The Most Overlooked Renewable Energy Source


Battery-powered electric vehicles have been stealing the spotlight from fuel cell vehicle technology, despite the fact that the latter has been around for a decade or two longer than battery EVs.

Fuel cell vehicles are powered by the most abundant element in the Universe and the Solar System—hydrogen. But technology costs and the handling of hydrogen, as well as high upfront investment costs for hydrogen station infrastructure, have been the major roadblocks to hydrogen-powered cars.

Now the global race to reduce carbon emissions and use sustainable energy has rekindled the debate on whether fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) can carve out a niche in the ‘green mobility’ market and overcome the cost and scale challenges to become a player in the energy transition.

In recent years, many hydrogen energy initiatives and projects have emerged. Legacy automakers have unveiled hydrogen-powered cars and concept vehicles. An oil major has launched a project to install an electrolyser to produce hydrogen at one of its refinery complexes. There are government and global CEO initiatives that support hydrogen energy and hydrogen-powered vehicles to become a meaningful part of the energy transition…

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