Leader of rebel-held Ukraine region resigns amid infighting


Igor Plotnitsky, the head of Ukraine’s rebel Luhansk region, has resigned after accusing a rival of an attempted coup. With tensions simmering in the region, is the conflict in eastern Ukraine about to escalate?

Where is Igor Plotnitsky? That question appeared to have been answered on Friday evening, as the leader of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic turned up in Moscow after several days and submitted his resignation following a week of infighting between rival factions in eastern Ukraine.

“Igor Plotnitsky has submitted his resignation for health reasons,” said the head of the region’s secret police, Leonid Pasechnik, in a video posted on a rebel news portal in Luhansk. Pasechnik said he would take control of the region as acting head ahead of a new election.

Plotnitsky has yet to comment on the situation.

The news came as leaders from the European Union and six former Soviet countries, including Ukraine, were meeting in Brussels for a summit aimed at deepening ties. Moscow’s role in the Ukraine conflict, however, was not on the agenda…

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