Macron Urges EU to Boost Defense, Finance Autonomy From U.S.


French President Emmanuel Macron called on Europe to build its financial and defense autonomy in response to the shifting balance of power as partners like the U.S. “turn their back” on the current world order.

“The real question for Europe is if China and the U.S. see Europe as being strategically autonomous; today they don’t,” Macron told French ambassadors in Paris on Monday during the president’s annual foreign-policy speech. “Europe can no longer rely solely on the United States for its security. We must guarantee our own security and sovereignty.”

Echoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s calls 24 hours earlier for a more assertive European Union in the face of President Donald Trump’s protectionism, Macron said the alliances designed after the Cold War must be revised and that Europe must now change the “architecture” of its defense and security systems. Merkel is due to visit to Paris in early September for talks on Europe’s future with Macron…

Read more : Bloomberg, 27.08.2018