Opinion: After the Hesse election Germany’s domestic focus continues


After the election in Hesse, the right-wing nationalist AfD is now represented in all of Germany’s parliaments. The main focus for the Bundestag will now be its own problems, writes DW’s editor-in-chief Ines Pohl.

This weekend, as the world mourned the murder of 11 Jews in Pittsburgh, USA, Germany’s right-wing nationalist AfD party gained entry to the last state parliament where they lacked representation. More than 12 percent of the electorate voted for them in the state of Hesse, home to Germany’s banking and economic hub, where salaries are the highest in the country and unemployment has been falling for years.

This parallel is particularly alarming when one considers that one of the co-leaders of the AfD recently described the Holocaust as mere “bird shit in […] German history.” …

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