‘Rome Says Enough!’: Thousands protest city’s decline


Romans are counting on their mayor to resign as the city falls into a steep decline in both safety and public services. Besides its crumbling infrastructure, the city is also reeling from the brutal murder of a teenager.

Some 8,000 Romans took to the streets of the Italian capital on Saturday to protest the “decline” of their city under Mayor Virginia Raggi. They were also protesting a rise in crime highlighted by the recent rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl.

“Rome says enough!” read one of the signs, as angry citizens called for action to improve the city’s crumbling infrastructure, including potholes, unfinished construction projects, overflowing trash bins, trees falling down in derelict parks, and sluggish public services.

The city’s woeful state was seen around the world earlier this week when an escalator collapsed in a metro station, injuring 20 people, most of them Russian football fans…

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