Who Can Prevent a War Between Israel and Iran? Russia


The government of President Bashar al-Assad is resurgent in Syria, steadily retaking terrain lost to the rebels. This may bring to an end one set of conflicts, but it could spark newer, potentially more dangerous confrontations.

The key to preventing the Syrian civil war from splintering into an even more chaotic and deadly phase will be Russia, whose September 2015 military intervention gave it control of Syrian airspace and placed it politically in the driver’s seat. But the United States, too, could still play an important role in preventing matters from getting worse.

To understand how perilous the situation in Syria is, look at the map: In the northwest, in Idlib Province, a “de-escalation zone” that is monitored by the Turkish Army remains tenuous. The Assad government is keen to drive the Turks out, as well as jihadists and other rebels. In the northeast, the Kurds have established a form of self-government, led by the militia called Y.P.G., an American ally in the fight against Islamic State…

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