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Podcast DITF 7 – Global Britain, the game changer


With Marie-Hélène Caillol (GEAB Publishing Director) and Véronique Swinkels (Head of Strategy & Development), the podcast presenting the themes covered in our last GEAB newsletter begins this month with a review of the political anticipation method and the importance of hypotheses, their formulation and their development in our publications. Then we take a look at Global Britain, the UK’s post-Brexit strategy, which places it in a particularly interesting geopolitical position. This leads us to question the ‘planning’ of Brexit and the possibility of a ‘European Commonwealth’.

Also, on the agenda for this June, a look at demographics, the mother of all change, an Indian perspective on the consequences of Western and particularly American stimulus packages on emerging countries, and finally the broken promise of Spain’s 2050 strategy.

We won’t leave you in the lurch during this summer break, so you will find in this video a teaser of our publications prepared for July and August.

Enjoy the video!


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