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États-Unis, Russie, Syrie, attentats de Paris : l’Europe broyée dans le mouvement des plaques tectoniques de la grande reconfiguration géopolitique mondiale

La crise systémique globale que nous traversons depuis au moins 8 ans remet en question un ordre mondial dont nous avons souvent dit qu’il remontait non seulement à la fin de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale, mais plus largement à la ... Lire

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EU will ‘assess rigorously’ new Russia-Germany pipelines

A remotely operated vehicle (ROV) moves along the length of the pipeline, equipped with digital cameras and specific sensors. The data and footage is analysed to assess the integrity of the pipeline.

04.11.2015 The European Commission will scrutinise the plan to build additional natural gas pipelines between Russia and Germany, it said in a leaked draft of an assessment of the EU’s energy policies. The document, an undated working version of energy ... Lire

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Weak oil prices deplete Russia’s sovereign-wealth fund


Russia is running out of emergency funds. The country, which has been relying on its sovereign-wealth fund to plug gaps in its budget deficit, said its Reserve Fund is likely to be depleted in 2016. The news is another blow ... Lire

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