Home Agenda EPRS online Book Talk: Can we ‘future-proof’ EU policy-making?

EPRS online Book Talk: Can we ‘future-proof’ EU policy-making?

EPRS online Book Talk: Can we ‘future-proof’ EU policy-making?

If you would like to participate in this Book Talk, please register via the EP events registration tool. You will then receive the Webex link, including instructions about joining the event in due course.

What is this book about?

This EPRS Book Talk considers Lieve VAN WOENSEL’s recent book ‘A Bias Radar for Responsible Policy-Making: Foresight-Based Scientific Advice’. Written by the head of the Scientific Foresight Service within EPRS, the book offers a practical tool-kit for the development of pro-active, future-proof scientific policy advice. It looks at how emotions and biases affect the understanding and assessment of scientific evidence by citizens, politicians and their advisers – arguing that an awareness of one’s own biases can and should be an integral part of foresight-based policy-making, by helping us consider evidence and citizens’ views with an open mind. The author will be joined by Ivars IJABS, MEP, Second Vice-Chair of the STOA Panel, and Kristel VAN DER ELST from Canada, who will consider how these insights can help make policy-making more ‘future proof’.

E-book available online through the EP Library

If you are connected to the Parliament’s network through your hybrid computer or by VDI, you can access this book in e-book form through the EP Library, which is run by EPRS, by clicking here on A Bias Radar for Responsible Policy-making. Foresight-Based Scientific Advice. If you have difficulty in accessing the e-book, please contact the Library at [email protected].


Lieve VAN WOENSEL, Foresight Adviser, Strategic Foresight and Capabilities Unit, EPRS

Ivars IJABS, MEP, Second Vice-Chair of the EP Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA)

Kristel VAN DER ELST, CEO, Global Foresight Group; Director General, Policy Horizons Canada; Special Adviser to European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič

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