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Future of Food and Farming Summit

Future of Food and Farming Summit

Open, sustainable, and assertive: this is the concept of strategic autonomy the European Union is longing for. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine threatening food security, the EU must find a way for its agri-food sector to become more resilient and independent while at the same time achieve its green transition.

In the race to 2050, the EU is ready to use all the policy tools in its arsenal, and the agri-food sector has a very powerful one. To every action however, there is a reaction: what will the impact of EU initiatives be on international markets, on European farmers and consumers? And what role should technological innovation play to foster a greener future?

Now in its sixth edition, this year’s summit will zoom in on the impact EU policy instruments and technological advancement can play in transforming agri-food systems, while keeping other issues in check – including the quest for competitiveness in a tense international geopolitical and trade environment, greening farming, food labelling and the protection of natural resources among other topics.

Taking place on September 29 in Paris and online, this high-level event will gather top policymakers, farmers, industry leaders, scientists, and NGO representatives, to debate the trajectory of Europe’s food and agriculture sector through exclusive interviews, thought-provoking panel discussions and interactive roundtables.

Organised by POLITICO

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