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How radical is Italy’s Savona really?


Italy starts its working week by being thrown into a political crisis, as the two eurosceptic parties that wanted to form a government reached a standoff with Italy’s president. Over the weekend, president Sergio Mattarella rejected academic Paolo Savona to ... Leer

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Announcing the Anticipolis – LEAP Summer Package (available until 15th of July)

special offer

Anticipolis Editions (the exclusive distributor of the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin), in partnership with LEAP, offers a Summer Package to every new GEAB subscriber joining our GEAB readers club before July 15. If you hesitated before to get a one-year subscription to the GEAB, now is ... Leer

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Deflación y economía real en EE.UU.: el agujero negro


La propagación del nuevo estallido de la crisis sistémica a la economía real es más rápida que en 2008-2009. Esta baja latencia es signo de que los diques de contención económicos han disminuido en gran medida, las uniones se han ... Leer

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