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Globalisation multipolaire : 2018, l’UE adopte le modèle pro-trade protectionist

multipolar europe

Comme chacun sait, Donald Trump a donné le coup d’envoi à une vaste réinvention des relations commerciales en imposant des barrières douanières sur l’acier et l’aluminium, arguant, outre du devoir de protéger cette industrie et les emplois qui s’y rattachent, ... Lire

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The end of the citizen internet


«It will become increasingly difficult to send newsletters in mass mailings, to use the word “political” in your non-individual messages, to carry out militant actions via Internet, use certain words in your exchanges on Facebook … Terrorism will be the ... Lire

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The Great Petroyuan Temptation


All this occurs in the context of strong pressure from the Chinese to trade their oil in yuan[1], a gigantic strategic U-turn for the country and the whole region, therefore harming numerous well-established Saudi interests. In recent days, Saudi oil ... Lire

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