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From “Biancheri Athens 1998″ to “Macron Athens 2017″: Upgrading democracy takes 20 years

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Emmanuel Macron’s recent speech in Athens puts on the table the great political challenges facing the EU. Rebuilding citizens’ trust, democratising the EU, opening the European election to trans-European lists, politically refounding the Eurozone… These ideas are truly echoeing another speech, ... Read

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France gives Macron big majority with little enthusiasm


French president Emmanuel Macron won a three-fifth majority in the lower house in the second round of the legislatives elections on Sunday (18 June), but less than half of voters cast a ballot. Macron’s political movement, La Republique en Marche ... Read

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Calendar of Future Events: May / September 2017

May 19 – Iran: presidential election. A serious opponent is now threatening the chances of re-election of the reformist Hassan Rohani. This man is the ultra-conservative Ebrahim Raissi, reinforced by the great geopolitical tensions surrounding Iran: war against Saudi Arabia ... Read

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