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Coming soon, the GEAB 177: Multipolar World 2023-2024, the Global South Advantage

Summary of the GEAB August Special – China, five years of Reinvention

Summary of the GEAB July Special – When human resources become a geopolitical issue

Coming soon, the GEAB 176 (June). The summary

Journal TV participatif N°2 : Panorama of the news

Coming soon, the GEAB 175 (May). The summary

Coming soon, the GEAB 174. The summary

Participatory TV Journal N°1: The game-changing elections

Coming soon, the GEAB 173: Earth is the limit

India: Towards the final installation of a Third World Pole (summary of the GEAB 172)

Coming soon, the GEAB No.171: Europe, the Ottoman Empire of the 21st century

Coming soon, the GEAB 168 – Globalisation and fragmentation overlap…

Coming soon, the GEAB 167: The end of Europe’s centrality in the world

Coming soon, the special July GEAB issue: Flying over the future from space

Coming soon, the GEAB No 166. In this issue…

Report – pause-debat anticipation No 5: Tomorrow’s agri-business

Coming soon, the GEAB No 165. In this issue…

The virtual worlds of the Web3 are teeming far beyond the West



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Optimize your decision making process : Read the GEAB!

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