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Europe : Community or Empire?

14 x 20,8 cm - 168 p.

In 1992, Franck Biancheri was already very familiar with the community system, due to the various acquired experiences in the «community school» where he and the rest of the «builders» were formed (as he himself pointed out in the first chapter of this book). Here are some memorable ones: the creation of the European Student Forum (AEGEE-Europe); the campaign for the Erasmus Programme; the creation of the first trans-European political party named IDE; the prospective work of the Prometheus-Europe Association and, particularly the denunciation of the malfunctioning TEMPUS programme in 1991/92; the founding of the Euro-Prospective, his own Research and Audit Company for the Community programmes, as well as his working days within the European Court of Auditors (1991/1992). All those have enabled him to survey the corridors, lobbies and cabinets of all decision-making levels in Europe…

Book : 18 € - Languages : EN I FR

Euroland at a crossroads – A Review of the debate on the reform of the Eurozone

14 x 20,8 cm - 63 p.

In a European Union in great practical and moral difficulty, the eurozone is looking more and more like Europe’s ‘hard-core’ – that has resisted the shocks absorbed by our continent in the past 10 years better than the rest. And this is to be expected: the eurozone is composed of the countries that have chosen the fullest integration. Sharing the same currency, they are firmly embarked on the same course and have no choice but to find ways to live together. Sharing the same currency entails talking about common taxation and joint investment. Automatically, this raises questions about the means of providing this financing capacity: Defence, social, environment, economic recovery, employment etc. A political Europe, therefore … and democratic as well hopefully … Are we finally getting there?

Problem: The Eurozone is not the EU … how to build a democratic Eurozone while all eyes are fixed on “Brussels” …

Book : 18 € - Languages : EN I FR

E-book : 5 € - Languages : EN I FR


14,8 x 21 cm - 102 p.

The Franck Biancheri Heritage Community Eurocitizens Directory 2020 is a project initiated by the AAFB with the support and for the archives of the Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe. It lists, on a voluntary basis, members of the first “Generation Europe” who crossed paths with Franck Biancheri in his research, education and activism activities.

Book : 70 € - Languages : MIXT

PDF : 40 € - Languages : MIXT

The emergence of eurocitizens

Re-edited in 2015 (1st edition 1996) - 11x18 cm - 132 p.

The Little Blue Book offers an original point of view on the recent history of the European construction process, through the creation and development of the first major European student network, AEGEE-EUROPE, in 1985.
Precisely 30 years ago, in a Europe that was wrapping up its economic union and beginning to put its political integration into perspective, Franck Biancheri contributed significantly to the challenge of forming new generations of Euro-citizens by creating AEGEE-Europe. And two years later, to prove that Europe indeed had a huge need of Euro-Citizens, AEGEE, still under Franck’s leadership, enabled the adoption of the ERASMUS program, today’s undisputed flagship of the European construction… at the time blocked by national administrations. Keeping that in mind, Franck Biancheri then on relentlessly fought for the democratization of the EU…

Book : 18 € - Languages : EN I FR

E-book : 5 € - Languages : EN I FR

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