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Edito – Global systemic crisis: Accidents of economy reboot ahead

Particularly three phenomena concur to the distortion of our collective understanding of reality: the economic and mobility slowdown, the collapse of information systems linked to the pandemic, and the election of Joe Biden. All this creates a dangerous illusion of “calm after the storm” resulting in reduced vigilance. Therefore, and despite the whole bunch of fine avenues for reinventing the world, this bulletin is meant to be alarmist. As Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin desperately try to alert Western leaders, the new 2021, much more than 2020, is a high-risk year for systemic reasons. As illustrated on the cover of this issue: the old financial-economic-social machine no longer matches the size of the flows produced by the multipolar world and any hastened reboot attempt is doomed to create disasters. The message sent by the current pandemic must be heard: "our model was overheated". Population density, human mobility, consumption, etc. were all in the red, escaping any capacity for reorganization, and making us anticipate immense crises without a shadow of a doubt. The risk of a pandemic will therefore not be eradicated by vaccines but by a socio-economic paradigm shift. Without it, Covid-19, its mutations and other diseases will continue to [...]

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Europeans on alert! Major uncertainties across the Atlantic (recovery plan, inflation, defence)

In our January Panorama of trends for 2021, we mentioned that the US was the main question mark on our map of the future. Part of this dark spot was [...]

A Reader’s Digest of the web anticipations over 3 deadlines: 2021/22, 2025, 2030

In March 2019 our teams published a Reader’s Digest of the anticipations found on the net with the first key date of 2020 for which some analysts had announced the [...]

2021, the European space and the awakening of strength

2020 has been particularly difficult for the European space industry. Besides the suffering from the COVID-19 crisis, the European space economy is also suffering from several other shortcomings. Today, we [...]

WaterTech2040: The challenge (and risks) of bringing water to all

Many of us have grown up in countries where access to water is taken for granted; where a constant and secure supply of clean water has become the norm. Safe [...]

What future for Bitcoin if inflation occurs in 2021?

It's time to update our "money digitalisation" trend. If everything has taken the direction we anticipated two years ago,   these experiments seem to have a hard time coming out [...]

Investments, trends and recommendations (Febr 2021)

- > Currencies: Landslide - > Oil: Fire-exposed - > Raw materials: Heavy stuff - > Big Tech: Turnaround in sight - > Pharma: Run away - > Beijing Olympic [...]

Reader’s interview: Trends and breaks in education and the agricultural sector (Nicolas Brouté)

The passage to the other side of the mirror, from the world of before to the world of after, disrupts the order of the world at all levels, starting with [...]

Is the US the first candidate for inflation or even hyperinflation?

What about the risk of inflation or, worse, hyperinflation in the United States this year? → This question will be tackled within our collective intelligence during the next GEAB Café, [...]

Coming up, the GEAB of February – Global systemic crisis warning: Restart or reset

(Summary of the GEAB No 152 / February 2021) The coronavirus pandemic has just started to step back and the economy is pretending to show improvements but already, oil is [...]

GameStop: a controlled explosion

FROM OUR JUNIOR TEAM / What has really happened in the Gamestop case and what repercussions will there be? Now that the turmoil is over, our junior team will try [...]

Video Podcast DITF 2 (trends 2021)

The new episode of Digging Into The Future is now online! In January, as always, we publish our traditional trends for the coming year, presented in this video by Marie-Hélène [...]

Retroanticipation – Franck Biancheri’s vision for Europe 2020

FROM OUR JUNIOR TEAM /  With the year 2020 now behind us, it seemed interesting for the LEAP team to look back on its Vision 2020. This book, written by [...]

Panorama of the 34 Trends for 2021

This task is particularly risky this year. In 2021, our fates will be tightly held between the highly disruptive relaunch of the economy (an economy that has been considerably modernised, [...]

2021: Through the Looking Glass (coming soon, the January edition of the GEAB)

Welcome to 2021, Year One of the world after. After the year of "reflection" that the long Covid break has provided humanity, Year One of the world after, or the [...]

Summary GEAB 150 – Will the Underworld Rise Up and Swallow Us?

2020 has literally given rise to “the brave new world”, the key features and emergence stages of which the GEAB has spent 15 years anticipating. And the end of this [...]



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