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GEAB 159 / November 2021
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There is no doubt that the collective unconscious of the West feels threatened by an overpopulated humanity. Everything contributes to this diffuse feeling : . The post-pandemic return to life and street crowds suddenly made unbearable by comparison with the calm of the lockdown. . The highlighting of a non-Western world ten times more numerous than 'us', questioning our societies, our identities, our models. . The environmental obsession having turned humans into systemic enemies of our good Mother Nature. . The existential crisis linked to the questioning of the humans’ usefulness, neither workers (because of technology) nor consumers (because of pollution). . The disappearance in the West of social and humanist thinking in favour of environmental and naturalist thinking. . The growing difficulties of our social systems, crushed under the weight of a 30-year liberal disinvestment, the ageing of the Baby-boomers, and the additional costs linked to the pandemic and its consequences (unemployment, impoverishment, physical and psychiatric illnesses, drugs, etc.). . The gradual distancing from the world brought about by the rise of borders, the blurred relationship to reality of humans connected to the virtual world, and the control of information, re-launching the classic process of dehumanisation of the 'Others', these [...]



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