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GEAB 186 / June 2024
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The remarkable speed of generative AI tools is one of their most striking features. Anyone who has used ChatGPT or similar tools, whether for business or leisure, cannot help but be impressed by their rapid execution. This speed masks another: the rapidity of the rise of generative AI which has reignited the notion of infinite growth and the energy consumption that sustains it. Within just one year, from the end of 2022 to the end of 2023, the public launch of ChatGPT prompted Microsoft to radically revise its energy transition plan upon discovering that its greenhouse gas emissions were 30% higher than forecast. As a result, industrial giants, both nation-states and corporations, who had only just begun to seriously consider this transition, have already set it aside. Digital technology is far from immaterial; seeing Data as an infinite growth potential has direct and, above all, immediate consequences for our consumption of natural resources, via our Data Centres. Therefore, instead of a mere transition, we are experiencing an acceleration, with a risky deviation from our intended course. In economic, social and technological terms, the watchword imposed by the Big Tech giants and aligned political decision-makers is to rush ahead, disregarding crucial [...]



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