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GEAB 175 / May 2023
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We hear a lot about the end of civilisation linked to the arrival of AI, which ChatGPT has made clear for everyone. Human beings would have no or very little added value from now on, AI would be so much more than HI... We have news from the future that is both reassuring and disturbing. Without educated and rational humans, it won't be long before ChatGPT and the like go completely crazy. This is good news for the usefulness of humans. But it is very bad news for that wonderful tool we were given almost 30 years ago: the Internet. The incredible reduction in the cognitive gap between citizens and leaders and the immense dynamics of bringing people closer together that this invention made possible began to slow down around 2015, in the context of terrorism and then Trumpism in particular, which provided an opportunity to regulate the Internet, to make its socio-aggregative power more complex, to force the major players (be they access, content and application providers, servers, hosts, forwarders, or even search engines and social networks) to control their flock. Then the hunt for anti-vaccination speeches, soon followed by the hunt for pro-Russian speeches in the context of [...]



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