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GEAB 169 / November 2022
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Did you like transhumanism? You will love posthumanism! If the first, while wishing an increase in human, still asserted its centrality, the second intends to exceed the human and humanism in order to place the tools it has created at the core of the construction. The prefixes are important: "trans" here indicates the notion of "beyond" and therefore draws the elements that go beyond the human; "post" means "something which comes after" and therefore points out all that comes after humanism. From our point of view, the first is hypothetical, the kind of utopianism that changes (too) easily into dystopia. The second will happen no matter what: humanism, like any ideology, is not eternal, and will be succeeded by another paradigm. Let's stop for a moment to consider this notion which, in itself, may well motivate many strategies around the world.  What could be after the human in the continuum of progress in which the advocates of this kind of theory are undoubtedly involved? There could well be a rupture. Finally, the world has always been hesitating between humanism (placing the human at the centre) and thought (placing the ideas of the human at the centre). Two major forms of [...]



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