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GEAB 154 / April 2021
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In the US-China war trap which has deepened in recent years, with Joe Biden's arrival in the White House and his strategy of rallying a camp of "allies" around America in order to "contain" Chinese power, Europeans may be tempted to believe that the Western camp will eventually win. This feeling is reinforced by the smoke screen that an American-centric information system creates between us Westerners and not only China, but the rest of the world altogether. Looking more objectively at what is happening in the other-world, there are many reasons to doubt the chances of winning the war (commercial, ideological, technological, or even military) that America is waging to China as a response to its (for the moment still) peaceful project of co-development. Remember that the American strategic tutelage of Europe is the result of our errors at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, Europe is in a relatively strong position and is able to negotiate its strategic autonomy by playing skilfully on the duality of the current world power. It would be distressing if, instead, we were to find ourselves having to choose sides, leading us into further misguidance ending up in weakening our position, this time [...]



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