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An anticipatory perspective on world political and economic news

Your intelligence for the future

Your navigation system in a world in transition!

Geopolitics, governance, economy, society, finance, currencies, new technologies, energy, … GEAB.eu sheds light on the way your decisions of today link with your goals of tomorrow.

Since the global crisis of 2008, the world needs to manage a major systemic transition in all areas. GEAB.eu is one of the tools helping you to make the right decisions, based on:

  • An informed understanding of the global context;
  • An accurate identification of future paths;
  • Reliable analyses of the tools to use on those paths.
An average of 75% successful anticipations (annual evaluation)

Our team performs an annual review of its anticipations to assess its reliability. This exercise, rarely practiced by foresight organisations, is an essential part of the utility of our work at GEAB.eu. Since 2006, the results average of these evaluations has been 75% of successful analyses.

A monthly test of the political anticipation method

“Anticipate is foresee to act”. Political anticipation is a decision support tool based on a rational understanding of the future. This practical method is being concretely applied and tested each month by GEAB.eu. Various publications describe this method, starting with the Manual of Political Anticipation (Marie-Hélène Caillol – Ed. Anticipolis, 2009)

The expertise of the European think-tank LEAP

The content presented on GEAB.eu comes from the work of the European Laboratory for Political Anticipation (LEAP) in cooperation with Anticipolis Editions. LEAP is an independent European think-tank which was founded in 2005 by Franck Biancheri and Marie-Hélène Caillol. Ever since, this organisation has been dealing with issues like governance and global positioning of the EU.

A guarantee of intellectual independence

GEAB.eu is financially supported exclusively by subscriptions. It receives no other public or private, international, European or national funding. This allows our team to provide  independent reports.



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