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I just wish to thank you and the LEAP teams for the enlightenment that you give on the current US events. I am a 22 year old student who helps his parents invest in the long term. Your public announcements, but also your honest and objective advice have been very helpful throughout the tumultuous period we’ve been going through within the past year.

Joshua G.

To stop renewing my subscription was out of question. It was my best investment of the year 2007. My other subscription to NNN seems to me useless because the best investment currently is to have cash money and put money in bank secure accounts. On the other hand, what distresses me at the moment is that my co-workers do not believe in the hypothesis of a big economic crisis. At the end of the year, the GEAB will be right, against all odds I’m sure.

Patrick L.

I just wanted to say that I was really happy to subscribe. I spent over one week of fascinating time reading the 6+ issues … I was particularly impressed by the quality, consistency and clarity of thoughts … and the guts to make “predictions” about what all that could mean. Not only fascinating … extremely useful too … My compliments for your work…

David L.

I fully trust the forecasts of the European Laboratory for Political Anticipation / 2020 (LEAP / E2020) the work of which I have been following since February 2006 and on which I can testify that they have hardly ever been wrong. I subscribe to their monthly bulletin and I can assure you that it is worth millions.

Nicolas G.,

It’s so interesting to go back, read the reports again and see how your team predicted everything that actually happened.

Monica H.

The GEAB: a bit of cultural elevation, to consume without moderation.

Raphael S.

Your analysis of the changing geopolitical landscape is excellent and highly relevant to longer-term financial planning.

Jeremy S.

This bulletin is exactly what I needed : food for thought for a practical mind.

David S.

I have been a subscriber since its inception in 2006 and I look forward to reading it every month…

Alex T.

I have been following this monthly bulletin (GEAB) for years; it deals cleverly with geoeconomic and geopolitical issues relating to the world we live in and the Europe which has been experienced up to now. Maybe it will serve you as a personal conceptual and ideological support in your work.

Josu G.

I truly appreciate both the GEAB experts’ tone and line of anticipation of events; two prerequisites for an informed decision making process.

Yves D.

The planet is changing at a great pace, and the GEAB allows me to stay one step ahead of the changes which are occurring. Thank you so much!

Michel E.

The GEAB provides enriching elements of anticipation to better manage our future…

Alain L.

A rich source of information for my projects…

Claude S.

As in any (difficult) anticipatory exercise, the GEAB sometimes makes mistakes with big announcements (for example, the US and UK economic collapses, which should have happened two years ago, and yet those economies are doing rather well today…). But it (the GEAB) remains very interesting intellectually speaking; a geostrategic vision on the bright future of Europe that I share, even if it is taking a very long time to actually see it happen.

Frédéric B.

I have read through GEAB 128. Although the GEAB is always good, this issue is a “Tour de force” as the French say, so I understand. I am prompted by the futility of standing up and clapping my hands and saying “Encore” every minute for twenty minutes to the music of my favourite band “Seize The Day.”
You will have to imagine it…

David S.

For more than 15 years, the GEAB team has been lighting the (my) way and is one of the clear, factual, rigorous and systemic (to use ‘that word’) information tools that are so desperately needed today in order to make good decisions – decisions that will determine our future objectives and realities, both individual collective, in the face of the major systemic transitions that are ‘emerging’ and that we are currently living through: ecological, economic and therefore social and political.

This is made possible precisely because of an unparalleled systemic approach, one which allowed them to predict the crisis of 2008 as early as 2006 and allowed their readers to protect their savings … More recently, LEAP anticipated the systemic reasons for the collapse of the 2016 oil price.

All this is based on a rigorous methodological approach which is truly integrative (to avoid ‘that word’):
• An informed understanding of the international context – and not only the ‘economic’ dimension
• A precise identification of future ways forward
• A reliable analysis of the means to take in order to follow those paths

Not to mention that each and every year they provide a detailed review of their analyses for the previous twelve months!

More and more, the GEAB / LEAP represents one of those lucid and relevant information tools that we need so much in a world on the verge of multiple crises…

Cordially, and in complete independence from this initiative …

Jacques de G.

Thank you for your letter that I never fail to read as soon as it is released every month. You are the bearers of a unique analysis of our complex world and I appreciate the fact that you don’t hesitate to challenge the status quo. You can count on my loyalty as a reader.

François D.

Congratulations to all the team. You are producing articles of great relevance and of rare and objective quality!! I gain nourishment and satisfaction from your publications as soon as I have the opportunity… This improves the professionalism with which I advise my clients and partners and I thank you very much for it.

Olivier D.



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