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Rupture des systèmes d’information occidentaux : quelques conseils pratiques pour survivre « informativement » parlant ?


Depuis la Seconde Guerre mondiale, la domination morale de l’Occident sur le reste du monde s’est, pas uniquement mais largement, fondée sur la qualité indéniable de ses médias, garants d’une information représentative des réalités mondiales et des débats publics les ... Leer

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Russia’s Far East rolls out the welcome mat for investors


Russia’s government is offering tax breaks, special economic zones and other incentives to investors in the Far East areas of the country, including the Free Port of Vladivostok, to broaden the economy from natural resource extraction to processing industries and ... Leer

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Spain’s PM appeals to court over Catalan independence


The Spanish government and Catalan authorities took a step further on Friday (28 July), in their showdown ahead of an independence referendum planned for 1 October in Catalonia. Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy announced that he would appeal to the ... Leer

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Maduro hails Constituent Assembly election victory


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has claimed victory in an election to pick a controversial new constitution-writing body that prompted deadly violence and international condemnation. Venezuela’s National Electoral Council announced on Sunday that more than eight million people voted to grant Maduro’s ruling ... Leer

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Vision 2030 comes to the Red Sea


With its shimmering blue waters, white sandy beaches and pristine coral reefs, the Red Sea is one of the world’s major tourist destinations. But the tourist footfall thus far has been concentrated on the so-called Red Sea Riviera on Egypt’s ... Leer

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