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Coming up, the GEAB bulletin no 163. Synopsis

Russia-Ukraine: Which new world order are we heading for?

Whatever the outcome (World War III, Putin’s resignation, the Euro-Ukrainian treaty), the Ukrainian crisis is tearing down all of the principles and institutions of the old world order. We anticipate that neither NATO, nor the EU or the UN will emerge unscathed from this major historical crisis.

In essence, this is the goal of the Russians, of course, but also of the Europeans, the Americans, the Israelis, the Turks, and the Chinese whose objectives we will try to decipher while evaluating the disruptive impact of this crisis on the strategies of each.

The extent of the economic risks incurred by the West and the rest of the planet will have to be taken into account.

It will of course be impossible to anticipate with certainty the outcome of the existential storm currently being experienced by the West (in the West, we include Russia), but we will identify certain developments and relevant scenarios (in terms of their level of probability or danger).

This will be a perilous exercise in style (‘anticipating in times of war’ is a challenge) but our readers know that it is intended to nourish their own reflections by proposing insights that question the certainties of the future of the panicked media system with which our intelligence must deal.

We will also talk about the communication crisis that is worsening in the current context and endangering our reasons.

A portrait of a dark character to be taken into account in the American election of 2024 completes this issue as well as our usual recommendations which will of course be part of the current ultra-critical context.


A detailed summary of the bulletin 163:

  • Editorial: Anticipating in wartime
  • Ukrainian crisis: What future for the West?
  • Trend: From the Internet to the end of communication
  • Portrait: Peter Thiel, a possible America in 2024
  • Investments, trends, and recommendations


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