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Summary of the GEAB August Special – China, five years of Reinvention

Political anticipation normally requires looking back at past forecasts. This is what our team does every year in August by delving into the GEAB archives. This year, we went back to 2017 to check our publications on China’s global power.

To achieve its ambitions, China has worked over the past five years to reinvent its political and economic model. This reinvention has been achieved both internally and in its projection onto the international stage.

This analysis shows how far China has come in half a decade. This exercise is necessary if we are to accurately anticipate the levers it will use to maintain its status as a global power.

At a time when the forthcoming BRICS summit promises to be historic, as it will see the launch of their new international currency, we thought it essential to look in the rear-view mirror before embarking on the new path mapped out by the main proponents of the new multipolar world.

The excerpts retrieved and commented for this special edition:

  • End of the International System as we know it and the “Middle Path” (GEAB 111)
  • Preparing for the transition by bypassing the dollar system (GEAB 133)
  • US tempted by the Petroyuan (GEAB 148)
  • China-UK: Systemic Rivalry (GEAB 156)
  • From “Made in China” to “Powered by China” (GEAB 161)
  • The expansion of the “world factory”, synonymous with pole reversal in the new multipolar world (GEAB 170)
  • Will India be the tomb of the Western economy? (GEAB 172)
  • China’s patience runs out in a multipolar world – a new model of democracy with international reach (GEAB 111)
  • The anger of the people: “It’s politics, stupid!” (GEAB 139)
  • Coronavirus pandemic management, the future invites itself into the present (GEAB 142)
  • China sets the standard (GEAB 154)
  • The China-AUKUS war will not happen (GEAB 158)
  • The expansion of the “world factory”: China at the forefront of a global Asia (GEAB 170)
  • China at the crossroads (GEAB 171)
  • China’s difficult global integration (GEAB 111)
  • Multipolar world or “Chinese world”? (GEAB 117)
  • Chinese alternatives (GEAB 127)
  • Where does the IMF stand in the new global configuration? (GEAB 137)
  • China: The ‘pearl necklace’ strategy (GEAB 141)
  • ASEAN has the wind in its sails (GEAB 150)
  • The BRICS face the Ukrainian crisis or the triumph of economics over war (GEAB 166)
  • Rise of the BRICS+ and the Global South (GEAB 172)

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