Investments, trends and recommendations

Strategic Recommendations
– Task force versus government or task force versus task force?
– Catalonia: Re-thinking the political-institutional architecture of the European Union …
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Investments and trends
– General Recommendation – Alert: Large zone of ​​turbulence by the end of the year
– From Dieselgate to Kobe-steel …
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Calendar of Future Events – October 2017/February 2018
Three times a year, as part of its decision-making toolbox, the GEAB team prepares for you a factual map of the next four to six months. July 2017 – June 2018: Visegrad Group – Rotating Presidency : Hungary is holding the rotating presidency of the Visegrad Group (ie. the V4 – Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland). This group proves to be more and more of a determining challenger and activator of the EU governance in crisis. As we have often pointed out, Austria is the only one missing for the Visegrad Group to wear the robe of the late Austro-Hungarian empire. And as anticipated, Austria is officially starting to get closer to this group… and not just the far-right wing party (FPÖ) …
Read more in the GEAB 118 / Oct 2017