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Coming soon, the GEAB 174. The summary

Global systemic crisis – The end of the dollar’s reign: Inflation, recession … multipolar storm in the West

It is now undeniable that the dollar’s domination of the global monetary system is receding. Our most faithful readers have been waiting, as we have, for the final signals of this “unthinkable” break. The beginning of 2023 offers a series of such signals: the abandonment of the dollar by India and Russia in their bilateral trade, similar announcements from Brazil, Saudi Arabia opening the door to the petroyuan at Davos, Total Energies making its first transaction in Yuan, the GDP of the BRICS surpassing that of the G7, and, above all, the announcement of the implementation of an alternative monetary system by the BRICS, scheduled for August 2023.

For our more recent readers, this is a thread of analyses and anticipations we have been following since the creation of our publication (2006). This new situation allows us to endorse many of our past writings and, above all, to change the focus. Until now, we have been interested in the invention of a global monetary system that would not be dominated by the dollar. These institutions have been patiently built, mainly by the BRICS, led by China. They are now being implemented. It is therefore time to look at the consequences for the West, led by the US, of the fall of the greenback from its global pedestal. This is what we will try to do in this issue.

Another fall is in sight, that of the abundance of water on the European continent, which is experiencing one drought after another and will face new political and social challenges in the distribution and management of this vital resource. While the supranational levels fail to provide a policy framework, national governments will have to acknowledge the water scarcity and manage the arising tensions and conflicts.

We continue to broaden our view of the future by welcoming Bogdan Herea, CEO of Pitech+, this month. A techno-optimist, he offers an insightful and exciting perspective on the future of this economic sector and our relationship with technology.

As always, you will also find our investments, trends and recommendations.

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Detailed summary of the 174 issue:

– Editorial

– 2023-2025: The throes of the disappearance of the dollar as an international currency

– Water wars 2025: Geopolitics of European natural resources

– A reader’s eye on the future: “AI advancements have been a breakthrough this year”

– Investments, trends and recommendations


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