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Coming soon, the GEAB Bulletin 184: United States 2025 – The e-Empire strikes back

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What will the United States look like in 2025? That’s the question on the minds of all observers of global geopolitics. So it’s only natural for our team to provide some answers. This is what we will be doing in the next issue of the GEAB. Our aim will not be to anticipate the identity of the next President of the United States – anyone who claims to be able to do that is a fool – but rather to anticipate the leitmotifs of American policy over the next few years, whoever wins the election.

Then we need to consider the technological powers. It may come as a surprise, but we believe that until recently Big Tech companies remained at the service of the American institutions. It is only this year that the balance of power has been definitively reversed, and it will be exacerbated by the deployment of AI. This break will give the GAFAM the opportunity to impose their ideology more effectively than ever.

Firstly, the “inward-looking” trend initiated by Donald Trump and taken up by Joe Biden will continue in 2025 for the simple reason that it is beginning to bear fruit. If we put this expression in inverted commas, it is because we anticipate that the US will refocus on itself simply to better land in the multipolar world. It is not about abandoning the idea of dominating the world, but about reinventing the way in which to do so.

As the dollar remains a central point of American domination, it will also have to be reinvented, logically through digital technology. Since the United States has a lot to lose in this new trend, it was not the first to tackle it. Nevertheless it seems unavoidable now, two paths are emerging: create an MDBC from scratch, or reappropriate Bitcoin.

The widespread integration of AI will catalyse a redefinition of political dynamics in a more noble sense, occurring primarily within corporate realms rather than traditional political arenas of parties and elected officials. As AI becomes a tool molded by our actions as much as it influences us, it is within these private structures already embracing AI’s advancements where we will witness the genesis of social norms governing new human interactions. This article will draw on the ideas developed by INSEEC’s Real Futur Centre of Excellence, of which LEAP is a partner.

Finally, a brief look back at the 2024 electoral calendar and the weak signs we can read in. And, as always, you’ll find our trends, investments and recommendations for navigating these ruptures and reinventions.

A detailed Summary of the GEAB 184 :

  • United States 2025 – The e.Empire strikes back
  • US elections: Tech takes over the Empire… but which one?
  • e-Dollar or Bitcoin: How the Americans plan to stay at the head of the global monetary system
  • What will the post-ChatGPT enterprise look like? A state maybe?
  • A look back at the 2024 electoral calendar: Weak signs of a changing world
  • Investments, trends and recommendations

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