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Coming soon, the GEAB 181. Synopsis…

Global election year, military conflicts follow-up, financial crisis risks, social tensions, … in 2024, fear of evil?

2024 will be a geopolitical year like no other! As enthusiasts of future calendars, we are able to foresee the upcoming twelve months that present numerous electoral deadlines which will shape the defining trends of the year.

Cutting to the chase immediately, if one pays serious attention to this calendar, it is crucial to note that the Americans, with the world’s most influential election, will literally bring the year to a close. In other words, as is often the case in election years, 2024 will also be a year of waiting. This trend will be particularly evident for Western nations, experiencing near-immobility as they await the fate of the most powerful among them. This standby mode will be heightened in Europe by the European Parliament elections, which will not conceal the deep divisions and concerns within civil society, expressed through vehement social tensions and manifesting in eight member states (including Finland, Portugal, Slovakia, and Austria).

For the BRICS and Global South though, it will be an opportunity to move on, calmly but steadily. Therefore, we anticipate a significant BRICS year, marked by diplomatic initiatives and alliance strengthening.

We will review these global trends within a panorama of the year 2024 before delving into the details of the defining trends. To guide your navigation through this year, we will help you distinguish real risks from unfounded fears, from the European institutional crisis to the technological values crisis, the institutionalisation of Bitcoin, potential resolutions to the Ukrainian conflict, the reduction of migration flows, and the easing of tensions in Taiwan…among others!

Furthermore, our investment recommendations this month will focus on monetary issues in the broader sense to grasp the shifts that will occur in a system rich in solutions: cryptocurrencies, historical values, fiat currencies, and central bank digital currencies.

Finally, we had the pleasure of exchanging thoughts with Dr. Maria Moloney on future challenges related to the security of personal digital data in the context of artificial intelligence development, overseen by an increasingly influential European legislation.

Anticipation being a method of rationalisation of the future, in 2024 more than ever, it is necessary to approach a year full of apprehensions and fears with a calm mindset.

A detailed summary of Issue 181:

  • Editorial – Annual Overview 2024: The Great Pause
  • Defining Trends in 2024: Taiwan, Europe, US, China, BRICS, Ukraine, Argentina, Technological Market, Islam, Debt Crisis, Tourism Market, Return of State Logic…
  • Reader’s eyes on the future – Maria Moloney: “The AI Act will reinforce the need for human intervention.”
  • Investments, Trends, and Recommendations: Future of the Global Monetary System

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