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Coming soon, the GEAB No 164. In this issue…

What we describe as tomorrow’s world is a world that is moving from crisis to crisis, post-subprime, post-Eurocrisis, post-pandemic, post-Ukraine… the turbulences of which are increasingly violent. That is why this month we will be providing an issue which focuses on some of the direct and terrible consequences of the crises we are going through. We will be discussing two sectors of the global system: building/real estate and agri-food.

What these two sectors have in common is that they are both facing brutal inflation, which takes different forms, and which will be very difficult to control. Having failed for several years to anticipate challenges, decision-makers in these sectors are now faced with a series of bad choices. They will therefore have to arbitrate on a case-by-case basis, in the emergency and in the short term, while at the same time trying to bring about a new system.

After exploring the new tools of the food world in a context of inflation and dearth, and after unravelling the paradox of the building industry and its consequences on the homes market, you will find our recurrent calendar of the future and our usual investment recommendations.

A detailed summary of GEAB No 164 :

– 2022 building sector and real estate: No more blindfolded money spending

– Food inflation: A conjunctural issue with a systemic impact

– A calendar of the future

– Investments, trends and recommendations



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