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Contents of the GEAB No 155 – Energy, raw materials: Will there be enough for everyone?

The economic recovery is now the most complex issue that public and private decision-makers are currently facing: a recovery that poses countless dangers, including shortages of strategic materials, particularly those related to energy production (we will also look at the thorny issue of global iron ore supply at a time of major infrastructure plans). Beyond the risks of inflation soon threatening the stability of all economies, we will take stock of the unclear prospects of the energy transition, the inevitable return of nuclear agendas for lack of anything better, and the indispensable investment in innovation.

A systemic eye on these issues will force us to look at the emerging economies and ask whether they will be able to withstand the great shock of the recovery. Europe, which does not have very good cards in its hands in the context of the US-China ‘clash of the titans’, is running great risks (political ones in particular) as a short article on the near future of European media will show.

These are some major issues, whose future prospects will be enlightened by the next GEAB.

Detailed contents:

– A systemic look at the commodities crisis

– The timeline of the future of all energy technologies

– 2025-2030: A return to “nuclear ways”

– Iron ore 2026: From Australia to Guinea, a new market emerges

– Sign of the times: The Berlusconi clan takes control of European media

– Investments, trends and recommendations

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