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Coming soon, the GEAB 167: The end of Europe’s centrality in the world

In this September issue, you will find one of our traditional calendars of the future crossed with an overview by country and region, reviewing the issues at stake and the forces at work. This will enable us to appreciate the new paths that are opening up for us.

The United States is deploying all its ingenuity to maintain its empire logic. The European Union is bound hand and foot in this logic, which is leading it to turn in on itself. On the other hand, the Middle East appears to be the most fertile region for future developments. China, after decades of unbridled development, is seeking its new (intercontinental) cruising speed. Russia, still not on its knees, is working to reorganise its flows. Africa’s resilience is its best asset for the future. Latin America is trying by all means to open a new page in its history, but remains haunted by its old demons… All sorts of tensions that we will dare to articulate and project into the future.

We’ll also try to clarify what we mean by “the West”. The death of Queen Elizabeth II, ending more than 70 years of rule, provides a perfect thread for this exercise. On the other side of the European continent, the situation in the Balkans prompts us to take a quick look at its future.

Hoping that this issue will shed some light on a future that in many ways may appear bleak, here are the main headlines of Bulletin 167:

. The death of the Queen: another sign of the end of 500 years of Europe’s centrality in the world

. Calendar of the future: key dates in the global system up to the end of 2022

. Global overview: how the world will enter the harsh winter of 2022-2023

. Balkans focus: 2022-2023 war breaks out on the social front!

. Investments, trends and recommendations


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