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Coming soon, the GEAB 168 – Globalisation and fragmentation overlap…

Globalisation and fragmentation overlap… oxymoron on the horizon!

Our observations lead us to note, for once, that the same causes do not produce the same effects. The consequences of the systemic tensions and crises are slowly but surely spreading to each of the layers of the world market, whereas the reactions diverge according to the countries and situations, and produce a continuation (even an acceleration) of globalised and fragmented networks and flows.

This is clearly shown in the second part of our timetable of the future presenting Africa, Asia and Middle East. Generally speaking, this shows a reorganisation of flows with a centre of gravity shifting to the East, where the greatest future dynamic capacity actually lies.

This double dynamic is embodied in the nuclear industry by the desire of several governments to relaunch the production of nuclear energy, by making common cause, particularly on the European continent, before coming up against the reality of the lack of resources, both human and financial. This lack of means will lead to the everyone for himself approach in the form of a nationalisation and requisitioning of labour power.

This oxymoron can also be found in our work on the insurance industry. It is preparing to face and pass on risks on a scale it has never experienced before, at the risk of entering a vicious circle that will bring an end to its omnipotence.

Of course, our regular trends and recommendations section will have its place in the coming bulletin as well.

Detailed summary of the GEAB 168:

– A Calendar of future events: Africa, Asia and Middle East regions

– 2025-2030: Is the power of insurance industry coming to an end?

– Nuclear 2023: Where there is a will, is there always a way?

– Investment trends and recommendations

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