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Coming soon, the GEAB No 165. In this issue…

A multipolar world, despite everything! This month, this is the overview our team is taking you on.

The GEAB refuses to be blinded, in these times of balkanised information, and locked into its European point of view. The elements of transformation of the global system that we have been analysing for all these years have not vanished with the confrontations heating up. On the contrary, the dynamics of transformation are being reinforced in many places and that will be making up the stages of our tour.

We’ll start with the central theme of our analyses since the creation of the GEAB, the international monetary order. We will check the evolutionary alternatives to the domination of the dollar, within the European, Asian and African continents, and we’ll try to go beyond the chaotic short-term horizon to anticipate in the long term, since that’s where the next stability could come from.

Then, we will present the grains of sand that we see slipping into the American political machinery on the next fall’s Midterms as well as the role that domestic and international issues will play in redistributing the balance of power between the establishment and the various shades of populism.

Because these two themes demonstrate the chaotic aspect of the transition from one global system to another, we have also chosen to highlight elements of stability, in this case the present and future dynamics of the art market and its excellent capacity to adapt to the upheavals down its road. Finally, there will be our usual editorial and investment recommendations.

A detailed summary of the GEAB 165:

– Editorial: Beauty will save the world

– The New World Monetary Order will be multipolar despite everything

– Post-Midterms USA 2022 – 2024: The Emperor’s new clothes

– NFT, digitalisation, metavers… Tomorrow’s contemporary art market will be within everyone’s reach

– Investments, trends and recommendations

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