Home Blog Coming soon, the GEAB No 166. In this issue…

Coming soon, the GEAB No 166. In this issue…

Are we prepared to face the upcoming historical period? 

As usual, oubulletin endeavors to anticipate the ruptures and emergencies which are laying ahead. It is quite hard not to give in to fatalism, as the brakes are so numerous and far-reaching, but let’s not forget that we will always have the choice of navigating through the storm with all the humanity and intelligence we are capable of

On the disruption side, this month we are looking at the risks of energy blackouts which threaten to plunge our continent into darkness. We are pleased to welcome Christopher Cordey, who takes an active approach to anticipation in his work at Futuratinow

The elements of a new global political system persist, as we will analyse in the article on the potential of EU-Azerbaijan-Turkey relations. 

But we are cautiously guarding against naivety about the violence of the inevitable shocks on the horizon, which is the role of our editorial. 

We will then review a series of weak signals, both positive and negative, which will take us to the heart of European political and strategic news but also to the Americas. Not forgetting, of course, our traditional trends and investment recommendations. 

A detailed summary of the GEAB 166:

– Editorial: 2023 – 2030: What will succeed in transforming the negative energy of the pre-revolutionary period

– 2023 – 2025: Risk of blackout. Meeting the imperative of prosilience

– Azerbaijan-Turkey: Partners in a New Vision for the Regional Future

– Weak Signals: BRICS+; Summit of the Americas; French Parliamentary Elections; Future of weapons deliveries to Ukraine

– Investments, trends and recommendations


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